TuòZ passed the USDA bio-based certification

Just after New Year’s Day in 2023, we got an exciting news. Our TuòZ brand PLA series tapes have passed the USDA bio-based product certification issued by the United States Department of Agriculture. In the future, our product packaging will be able to print USDA The licensed bio-based product certification symbol, which is established by the US government to guide company to reduce the use of petroleum-based products, reduce their dependence on petroleum products, and encourage the use of bio-based products made from green and renewable resources as raw materials . We are honored that we have joined the team of bio-based product development without hesitation, contributing to the sustainable development of enterprises and the environment.

USDA biobased packaging tape

We took two years to develop this bio-based packaging tape. Its backing material is PLA, which is a bioplastic made from renewable plant resources. This bioplastic is different from traditional petroleum-based adhesive tape. Compared with BOPP tape, it requires less energy in production and processing, so it emits less carbon dioxide; its product performance is the same as that of BOPP tape, and there is no difference in use; the most important thing is that it can also be used in industrial composte and finally turn into carbon dioxide and water. Every link has better advantages than petroleum-based plastics, which is why this kind of bioplastics has become popular around the world in recent years. Whether it is 3D printing consumables, degradable straws, or degradable garbage bags, you can always see PLA material.

pla biobased packaging tape

This certification is also an encouragement to us. It show that what we provide to customers is exactly what they need. After all, we’re all hate tape smudges.While customers do not change their usage habits, they are also contributing to the sustainable development of the environment. We hope would work with more companied together and contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment.