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Bio-based Packaging tape

Our company is composed of experts in the fields of biobased materials and adhesives. They have been engaged in the research and development as well as application of biodegradable materials such as polylactic acid (PLA) and adhesives since 2013, accumulating over 10 years of experience. The company is now recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, boasting over 10 proprietary patents.

Collaborating with leading domestic BOPP tape manufacturers and advanced adhesive companies in Japan, not only developed sustainable biobased tapes that meet the standards of the Chinese postal industry but also tailored various tapes to different sectors amidst the international demand for reduced plastic packaging materials.

We are involved in every stage of tape production, from the manufacturing of film and adhesive to coating and slitting of the tape. 

And, we have industry-leading technology accumulation and strong industrial chain advantages in bio-based sustainable tape.

we firmly believe that biobased PLA tapes, guided by SDGs and ESG policies, will lead packaging consumables towards a direction of low-carbon emissions and sustainability as a new generation of environmentally friendly products.

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Why choose us

Our team have over 10 years of industry experience in the field of bio-plastics and adhesives.We have the strong supply chain system in the tape industry, as well as logistics and transshipment capabilities, and can provide stable and most cost-effective products.


Our Mission

We realize that global energy is transitioning from petroleum-based energy to renewable energy, and we hope to promote the use of green bio-based tapes around the world to slow down the greenhouse effect and solve the environmental pollution caused by petroleum-based disposable plastic tapes.

Grown With Love on Our Earth

The materials we use are shifting from petroleum-based to plant-based