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Bio-based Packaging tape

Our team consists of several experts in the fields of bio-plastics and adhesives. They met at  conference.After ideas sparked,they realized that they could create something truly unique by combining respective strengths. Focusing on areas of expertise and the challenges faced by the industry, they analyzed various options and ultimately decided to turn attention to the realm of disposable packaging materials.Finally, they produced a seemingly ordinary but truly exceptional product –biobased packaging tape. This choice was not only driven by the fact that sealing tape is often overlooked as a source of single-use plastic waste, but also because traditional tape is derived from petroleum-based materials, a non-renewable resource that is being consumed at an alarming rate worldwide and is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.Against the backdrop of increasing global environmental pressure and the growing importance of carbon neutrality and sustainable development in national agendas, we are committed to reducing the cost and promoting the use of bio-based packaging tape, and we will collaborate with consumers in our efforts to build a sustainable society.

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Why choose us

Our team have over 10 years of industry experience in the field of bio-plastics and adhesives.We have the strong supply chain system in the tape industry, as well as logistics and transshipment capabilities, and can provide stable and most cost-effective products.


Our Mission

We realize that global energy is transitioning from petroleum-based energy to renewable energy, and we hope to promote the use of green bio-based tapes around the world to slow down the greenhouse effect and solve the environmental pollution caused by petroleum-based disposable plastic tapes.

Grown With Love on Our Earth

The materials we use are shifting from petroleum-based to plant-based