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transparent tape
"We have been exploring sustainable management, trying to minimize the negative impact of enterprises on the natural environment when carrying out social production activities, so bio-based materials is a good direction, it is not only renewable source, but also low carbon emissions and biodegradable, can greatly avoid plastic pollution to the environment and caused by a long period of time, to improve people's living environment. "
Strategic Planner
Large chain company
packing tape
"This biobased packing tape looks no different from the tranditional tape I used before, and I don't feel any difference when I use it, I wouldn't have known it was so amazing if you didn't tell me! That's really great, the speed of technology development is so fast!"
Packaging Plant Operator
Manufacturing Company
purchasing manager
"Oh, yes, we are using more and more eco-friendly products in our factory, including packaging tape. It's a little more expensive than traditional carton sealing tape, but we're still willing to choose it, not only because it meets our needs, but also because of our corporate social responsibility and our commitment to the environment."
Purchasing Manager
Manufacturing Company
Biobased scotch
It's a new change we'd love to make.We have always said our business relies on a healthy earth--fresh air, clean water and soil. As we face environmental challenges, we are committed to doing our part to create positive change for a brighter future.
Global Sourcing Senior Category Manager
Multinational enterprise
biobased transparent tape

Personally, I'm an environmentalist, and I don't want my products shipped across the country to create duct tape pollution at the same time. It's a little more expensive than the traditional ones, but it's actually very, very little spread out on each carton package, just like I don't pay more when I drink Coca-Cola through a compostable straw.
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