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New Generation Packaging Tape

The packaging tape is definitely one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. it’s cheap, easy to use, excellent performance, and has greatly improved the efficiency of packaging and transferring goods. Its appearance may seem like it has never changed, but in reality it is constantly being upgraded and changed: its mechanical properties are improving, its adhesive is being upgraded from toxic to non-toxic. Today, its materials are also transitioning from petroleum-based to bio-based.


Derived from recycled and renewable plants.

carbon emission

Lower carbon emissions in manufacturing


Under industrial composting conditions

biodegradable packing tape

Bio-based materials ,also call bioplastic has been developed for many years and are became closer to petroleum-based plastics in terms of product performance. It allows us to reduce our dependence on petroleum products without having to change our habits. Its backing material is composed of PLA film, which has good material mechanical properties similar to petroleum-based BOPP film, and can replace BOPP as a new generation of packaging tape.

biodegradable kraft paper tape

Eco friendly kraft paper tape

Unlike other kraft tapes, this kraft paper tape does not contain PE coating, but PLA coating instead, which makes the tape’s backing fully bio-based and fully biodegradable, and better than other kraft tapes, it also achieves waterproof and writable functions.

biobased self-adhesive tape

03. Custom packaging tape

The packaging tapes are suitable for all industries and are used in a wide range of applications, so the requirements are varied. We encourage any customer who wants to use bio-based tapes to experiment with them, so we have a custom program available, so feel free to contact us.

In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in the application of clean energy, signifying a transformative shift in human energy consumption. One of the emerging materials, bio-based materials, has been experiencing robust development as they gradually replace petroleum-based plastics in everyday disposable products. Our adhesive tape delivers outstanding performance, matching that of BOPP tape, and has garnered significant favor from some brand companies.

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