Petroleum Based Or Plant Based? Materials Comparison Of Packing Tape

We know that the packaging tape we used is actually called BOPP/OPP Packaging tape, which is made of PP plastic particles after processing into BOPP film and then spraying pressure-sensitive adhesive.

structure of packing tape

Similarly, BOPLA is made of PLA plastic particles through the same process. The only difference is that PLA is a bioplastic or degradable plastic made from renewable plant resources, while PP is derived from petroleum.

bopla tape

PLA is already an eco friendly bio-plastic with mature commercial applications, and it also has a wide range of uses. If you’re drinking Coke, maybe you’re biting into a PLA straw.

bopla packing tape application

PLA, which is called a green plastic, is not only because its source is plant-based, but what surprises us is that the carbon dioxide emission of PLA material is lower than PP during production and processing, and even lower than other general-purpose plastics such as PET, PS, PE.

PLA packing tape carbon emission

Not only that, PLA would degrade into water and carbon dioxide and disappear in several months under industrial composting conditions.Let us analyze from the molecular structure of PLA:Under the conditions of temperature + humidity + microorganisms, the ester bond in the polylactic acid structure is easily hydrolyzed. General speaking, polylactic acid gradually decomposes into lactic acid, and lactic acid turns into water and carbon dioxide by metabolism of microorganisms.

bopp packing tape
biodegradable pla packing tape

Therefore, polylactic acid does have a satisfactory life cycle: green renewable sources →produced with low energy consumption →biodegradable.

From the perspective of sustainable development, it’s no doubt that PLA packing tape is the better choice.