See you at Las Vegas Pack Expo

Green packaging has become a consensus and pursuit within the industry. Guided by policies, the packaging industry is continuously exploring the path of sustainable development, with circular economy and low-carbon economy emerging as new directions.

Based on this market background, we are excited to introduce the innovative new generation of bio-based packaging tape, tailored for various industries, particularly the thriving e-commerce sector.The tape is made from PLA material derived from renewable plant resources, offering a more environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based PP materials. Not only does it have lower carbon emissions during production, but it also offers a wide range of post-consumption options. It can be industrially composted or recycled alongside cardboard, ultimately dissolved into carbon dioxide and water. Most importantly, it maintains excellent mechanical performance and adhesion comparable to petroleum-based BOPP tape, ensuring efficient packaging protection for your products.

We are thrilled to showcase this bio-based packaging tape at the upcoming Las Vegas Pack Expo. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and experience its performance.

Let’s discuss more about bio-based packaging tape and explore more application scenarios.

Welcome to our booth —–South Upper Hall-7790.

Las Vegas – we’ll see you there!”