Know the hazards of the packing tape you used in one minute

Did you know that the original materials for the packing tape we use every day is derived from petroleum? Yes, it is a subsidiary product of petroleum.

packing tape manufacture
manufacture of petroleum packing tape

Reducing the use of petroleum-based tape is actually resisting the use of petroleum resources. From an environmental point of view, itreleases the carbon stored in the ground into the atmosphere, increases the carbon concentration of the entire atmosphere, and exacerbates climate change.

carbon emission
carbon emission

Packing tape is indeed convenient disposable product, but it is also a huge invisible source of plastic pollution.Unlike plastic bottles, packing tape is light and thin like garbage bags, and it is difficult to be sorted out by manual or machine,and it is always adhered to the carton, which makes the recycling work cumbersome, and the recycling value is low. So it always easily overlooked.

remover tape
remove tape

Some are discarded outdoors;Most of them follow the cartons into the recycling system, and are separated during the papermaking process into the garbage disposal system.It ends up being incinerated, causing air pollution;or landfilled, the former causing water infiltration into the soil and the growth of plant roots.

refuse pollution
refuse pollution

Many governments have put forward plans for sustainable development and began to pay attention to the use of renewable resources,such as The BioPreferred Program,which is a USDA-led initiative that aims to reduce USA’s reliance on petroleum, and increase the use of renewable agricultural materials.With the development of technology, new bio-based products have emerged.Some international company have used renewable plant resource sources to create sustainable bio-based plastics,and made them into our daily necessities such as straws, food containers, cleansers, face masks.Those Biobased products perform as well or better than their petroleum-containing counterparts.

In the U.S,Biobased products displace around 300 million gallons of petroleum per year , which is the equivalent of taking 200,000 cars off the road.These positive results have been recognized by many national government agencies, and we are actively promoting these bio-based products.

Using bio-based products does not require much effort on your part, just start with small commodities around you, such as bio-based packing tape.

pla carton box sealing tape
Bio-based PLA packing tape